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MSCS 2024 Technical Program (in Japanese)

Monday, March 18, 2024

1M1 - Intelligent Control
Room 1, 218

9:30-9:50, 1M1-1
Performance Bound for Iterative Learning Control of Iteration-Varying Battery SoC Profiles under Iteration-Invariant Learning Gains
Nguyen, Dinh Hoa, Kyushu University

9:50-10:10, 1M1-2
Interception of Multiple Drone Targets by Heterogeneous Chasers Using Heuristic Task Allocations with DQN-GNN Guidance Model
Zhang, Yizhuo, National University of Singapore
Koch, Simon, Bundeswehr University Munich
Wen, Jun Gao, National University of Singapore
Srigrarom, Sutthiphong, National University of Singapore
Stütz, Peter, Universität der Bundeswehr München

10:10-10:30, 1M1-3
Path Planning for Deformable Object Assembly Based on Image Recognition
Wu, Chun Wei, Tamkang University
Kanamori, Chisato, The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo
Wong, Ching-Chang, Tamkang University

10:30-10:50, 1M1-4
Broadband Modeling of Power Distribution Networks
Protze, Florian, Technische Universität Dresden
Ellinger, Frank, Technische Universität Dresden

10:50-11:10, 1M1-5
A Stopping Rule for Linear Stochastic Approximation with Averaging under Bounded Noise
Tan, Qiming, Osaka University
Wada, Takayuki, Osaka University
Fujisaki, Yasumasa, Osaka Univ.

11:10-11:30, 1M1-6
Chatbot for Emotional Support Based on Self-Categorization Theory with Emotional Model
Yorita, Akihiro, Kwansei Gakuin University
Radke, Mario Alexander, Hochschule Reutlingen
Rätsch, Matthias, Reutlingen University
Kubota, Naoyuki, Tokyo Metropolitan University

ISCS Plenary Lecture
Lecture Room 257 in School of Economics

Coordination of heterogeneous multi-agent systems via blended dynamics theorem
Shim, Hyunbo, Seoul National University

1A1 - Control Application
Room 1, 218
Chair: Sadamoto, Tomonori, The University of Electro-Communications

14:00-14:20, 1A1-1
Sensitivity Analysis of Wind Affected Maneuverability of Tugboat-Controlled Ships
Hoeffmann, Maria, University of Bremen
Roy, Sylvain, University of Bremen
Wanigasekara, Chathura, German Aerospace Centre
Bueskens, Christof, University of Bremen

14:20-14:40, 1A1-2
Accelerated Unet Semantic Segmentation Preprocessing of Medical Images Based on Bilateral Filters
Liu, Fangjun, Aoyama Gakuin University
HIROTA, RYUICHI, Aoyamagakuin University
Itami, Taku, Aoyamagakuin University
Yoneyama, Jun, Aoyama Gakuin University
Aoki, Takaaki, Gifu University

14:40-15:00, 1A1-3
Automatic Trajectory Generation for Rotary Cranes Combining Simple Movements for Manual Operation
Amir, Nur Azizah, Toyohashi University of Technology
Paing, Min Set, Toyohashi University of Technology
Farrage, Abdallah, Assiut University
Takahashi, Hideki, Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Sasai, Shintaro, Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Sakurai, Hitoshi, Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Okubo, Masaki, Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Uchiyama, Naoki, Toyohashi University of Technology

15:00-15:20, 1A1-4
Optimal RTGC Non-Linear Control System Based on Sliding Mode Controller
Bandong, Steven, Institut Teknologi Bandung
Napitupulu, Cristian MP, Institut Teknologi Bandung
Nazaruddin, Yul Yunazwin, Institut Teknologi Bandung

15:20-15:40, 1A1-5
Localization Fault Detection Method Using 2D LiDAR and Fisheye Camera for an Autonomous Mobile Robot Control
Nakamura, Yoshimasa, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
Sasaki, Akinori, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
Toda, Yuichiro, Okayama University
Kubota, Naoyuki, Tokyo Metropolitan University

15:40-16:00, 1A1-6
Towards a Safer Built Environment Industry with Inverted Perching Aerial Robots
Lee, Shawndy Michael, Singapore University of Technology and Design
Chien, Jer Luen, Singapore University of Technology and Design
Pérez Cruz, Mario Josué, Osaka Institute of Technology
Foong, Shaohui, Singapore University of Technology & Design
Ratsamee, Photchara, Osaka Insititute of Technology

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

2M1 - Optimization and Optimal Control
Room 1, 218
Chair: Ichihara, Hiroyuki, Meiji University

9:30-9:50, 2M1-1
Optimal Control of Resource Allocations in Maritime Port Operations Using Queue Models
Wanigasekara, Chathura, German Aerospace Centre
Sill Torres, Frank, German Aerospace Centre,

9:50-10:10, 2M1-2
Data-Driven Optimal Control with Data Loss
Luo, Huan, Kyoto University
Azuma, Shun-ichi, Kyoto University

10:10-10:30, 2M1-3
Characterization of Bounded Real Lemma for Multiple Interval Delay Systems
Kojima, Akira, Tokyo Metropolitan University

10:30-10:50, 2M1-4
Observer-Structured Robust H2 Output Feedback Control with Gaussian Processes
Shiroiwa, Hibiki, Meiji University
Ichihara, Hiroyuki, Meiji University
Sato, Masayuki, Kumamoto University

10:50-11:10, 2M1-5
Incentivizing Control Design for Blockchain-Enabled Distributed Optimization in Electricity Market Systems
Motoe, Kansei, Waseda University
Wasa, Yasuaki, Waseda University

11:10-11:30, 2M1-6
A Singular Value Decomposition Approach in Model-Free Predictive Control
Pratvittaya, Jiravit, Kanazawa University
Yamamoto, Shigeru, Kanazawa University

2A1 - Control Theory
Room 1, 218
Chair: Ito, Hiroshi, Kyushu Institute of Technology

12:40-13:00, 2A1-1
State Space Analysis of the Relation between Two Types of Disturbance Observers
Shikada, Kana, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Sebe, Noboru, Kyushu Institute of Technology

13:00-13:20, 2A1-2
Stabilization of Hyperbolic Reaction-Diffusion Systems on Directed Networks through the Generalized Routh-Hurwitz Criterion for Complex Polynomials
Muolo, Riccardo, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hastir, Anthony, University of Namur
Nakao, Hiroya, Tokyo Institute of Technology

13:20-13:40, 2A1-3
Scalar Modules with Logarithmic Lyapunov Functions for Robust Positive Systems Exhibiting Interior Equilibria
Ito, Hiroshi, Kyushu Institute of Technology

13:40-14:00, 2A1-4
Event-Triggered Reduced-Order H∞ Filter Synthesis of Discrete-Time Uncertain Switched Systems
He, Ziyi, Shaanxi Normal University
ZHAI, Guisheng, Shibaura Institute of Technology
Wu, Baowei, Shaanxi Normal University
Liu, Lili, Shaanxi Normal University
He, Mingfei, Chinese Academy of Sciences

14:00-14:20, 2A1-5
Passivity-Short-Based Conditions of System-Wide Stability and L2 Gain Performance for Heterogeneous Nonlinear Power System
Kang, Heng, Keio University
Namerikawa, Toru, Keio University

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

3M1 - Modeling, System Identification and Estimation
Room 1, 218
Chair: Morita, Ryosuke, Gifu University

10:40-11:00, 3M1-1
Characterizing the Dynamic Behavior of a Both-Sides Retrodirective System for the Control of Microwave Wireless Power Transfer
Ambatali, Charleston Dale, The University of Tokyo
Nakasuka, Shinichi, The University of Tokyo

11:00-11:20, 3M1-2
Data-Driven Sparse Feedback with Schur Alpha-Stability
Zhang, Zhicheng, Osaka University
Fujisaki, Yasumasa, Osaka University

11:20-11:40, 3M1-3
Evaluation of the Clinical Utility of a Gait Analysis System Using Pose Estimation Techniques in Physical Therapy
Nishizawa, Katsuhiko, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
Oba, Yu, Doshisha university
Yamada, Kento, Doshisha University
Tanaka, Ikumi, Doshisha
Tsumugiwa, Toru, Doshisha University
Yokogawa, Ryuichi, Doshisha University
Watanabe, Tomoya, Tokeidai Memorial Hospital

11:40-12:00, 3M1-4
A Non-Contact Translational and Rotational Force Feedback Device Using Rotational Jet Propellers
Nishimura, Ryo, Osaka University
Ratsamee, Photchara, Osaka Insititute of Technology
Uranishi, Yuki, Osaka University
Takemura, Haruo, Osaka University

12:00-12:20, 3M1-5
Remarks on a Quaternion-Valued Neural Network-Based Identifier with Application to a Predictive Control
Takahashi, Kazuhiko, Doshisha University

12:20-12:40, 3M1-6
Obsevability Measure for Bayesian Inference in Noise Driven Linear Systems
Lee, Kunwoo, Kyoto University
Kashima, Kenji, Kyoto University

ISCS Plenary Lecture
Lecture Room 257 in School of Economics

Learning-based decision and control systems for high-level self-driving intelligence
Li, Keqiang, Tsinghua University